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Press Release
"If you build it, they will come."
The Buffalo Bison Baseball team is hoping those words are true as they continue their "Field of Dreams" project.
Lights were installed last fall at the school's diamond, so that the Bisons will be able to play their first home night game in Buffalo history this spring.
The next step in this "Field of Dreams" renovation project is to construct new eight-foot tall outfield and perimeter walls or fences around the newly excavated and upgraded field.
The Bisons and their supporters would like to express special thanks to Clyde Raynes, Joe Tolley, and R.T. Harrison.
March 19th will be a special day when you can meet the 2005 Bisons and watch the Buffalo Alumni baseball game. The festivities start at 4:00 p.m. with the opening pitch thrown at 5:00 p.m. The students from odd years of graduation will challenge those from even years.
At dark, a "Lighting Ceremony" will take place.
Come out, have fun, and support Bison baseball. Concessions will be open with plenty of goodies to eat and drink.
Thanks to all in advance for participating and supporting this special event.
For more information, please call Richie Harrison at: 304-937-3525 (home) or 304-586-4374 (work)
Go Bisons!

By Mark Hallburn
Students at George Washington Middle School will get to move out of portable classrooms after final renovations later this year.
The Putnam County Board of Education voted to accept Teays Valley's G&G Builders bid to complete $1.15 million in renovations to the Eleanor campus.
The last stage of renovations will add eight classrooms to complete the campus and replace bungalows used since a fire in 2000 destroyed much of the school.
Much of the campus was rebuilt prior to this school session, but sixth-graders were still using portable classrooms.
Groundbreaking is expected to take place sometime in April.

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"Eleanor Obituary"
June 1, 2004 - May 15, 2005

As each of us must endure the death of a loved one, Eleanor has certainly lost their share of long time residents in the past year. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to family members of the following deceased residents.

Palestean Cobb, Donna Smith, Mary Francis Nutter, Thurman Hull, Imogene Brown, Marlane Egnor, Brycle Jividen, John Kosa and Evelyn Imogene Smith.

"Former Eleanor Residents who were buried at Beech Grove Cemetery."

Mary Francisco and Gene Beheler.

Along with expressing our condolences, this article was added as a way to inform former Eleanor residents of these deaths. Many have been friends and neighbors of the deceased and may not be aware of their passing.

Last modified on Monday, May 16, 2005